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Private Server

Papanosta / Jun 26, 2019
Our Private Server is now up and running. Information can be found over at Discord in #privserv-info.

The purpose of the NewGen private server is to serve the best interest of the guild. This is a platform developed to mimic the conditions that we will be facing as a guild in our first MC clear.

- You are not allowed to share the server information with anyone outside of NewGen. If you got friends that want to play they first have to be accepted as Socials.
- Several characters are okay but name them the same thing: "Papanosta" "Popanosta" "Papanostä" etc.
- Report unauthorized players and any server related problems directly to our Private Server Mods @RefutedUK#5133 @Sobific#2011
- All of our guild rules apply to our private server.


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