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Shaman Class Meeting

Date: Aug 22, 2019
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: EnvyMi
Category: Meetings
Hello, would like a Class Meeting for you shamans. I am EnvyMi, I am the step-in Class Leader for Shamans.
I want to hold a Shaman class-meeting on August 22, 2019. At 8:00PM.
I expect everyone to show up for give me a reason for why they can't show up.
If you're unable to show up for any reason. You WILL PM EnvyMi [Priest] On Discord and give me a heads-up.
In this meeting I will discuss a little about what I expect from all of you, and what demands I have during raid.

Tank (2)

1. EnvyMi Priest

3. Combat Shaman

Damage (2)

2. Nemo Shaman

M. Tazzmakk Shaman

Support (3)

4. Sprikey Shaman

5. Vendank Shaman

6. Nekleb Shaman



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