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About us
<NewGen> Firemaw|Hardcore|EU|Horde|

- Server Horde #1 MC Clear
- Server Horde #1 Onyxia (Guild) Clear

<NewGen> is a guild for hardcore players looking to go all out in Classic. The guild always comes first - we got no tolerance for egoistic pursuits. We're a guild made up by WoW veterans and players eager to push Classic content hard.

You are someone who:
- Will work your ass off for the guild.
- Puts the guild in front of yourself, you are expected to do what's best for the guild at all times.
- Is ready to give Classic WoW your all.

What we expect from you

- Have 95%+ raid attendance.
- Be fully buffed and come with consumables every raid.
- You are expected to regulary check spreadsheets and discord for assignments/news.

- Help our core raiding team in world PvP events by wiping out Alliance opposition (moving to Onyxia, MC, World Bosses etc.)
- You may join any scheduled Social Raid! (/roll)
- Represent our organization ingame. Remember, you are an example.

Our raid days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays 19:00-23:00 CEST.
Apply to the top right on the page or join our discord for more info.